noumenon |ˈno͞oməˌnän|
noun (pl. noumenona |-nə| )
a thing as it is in itself, as distinct from a thing as it is knowable by the senses through phenomenal attributes.

My name is Mark Li and I’m a designer based in Melbourne and founder of Mr Legacy; a branding/design business that services a variety of clients from great to small.

I started Blog Noumenon to further my skills in writing, illustration, photography among other interests within my life. I also liked the idea of sharing personal thoughts, ideas about my many interests, exploring facits of myself, expressing a voice through a format that is different from day-to-day interactions.

Blog Noumenon is my connection to the world, the sharing of my hobbies and interests, a list that grows and shapes relative to time. Topics that evolve, adapt to audiences organically and hopefully connect fellow beings and inspire creativity, passions and beyond!

I hope you enjoy the contents of this website, I hope that you will stay connected and hope that inspiration is what you find here at Blog Noumenon.

A little more about myself:
+ Born in Shanghai, China
+ Migrated to Australia in 1991 and became citizen
+ Attended High school in Mckinnon
+ Double Degree in E-commerce & Multimedia
+ Graduate Diploma in Visual Communications
+ Founder of Mr.Legacy
+ Married to a beautiful & talented girl by the name of Jin E Park aka Something Peach