I had an old sketch of an “Engineer” I produced sometime ago, the ‘Engineers’ were prominent figures from the film Prometheus and with the help of Illustrator and Photoshop, I transformed the original sketch into this original film poster.


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Prometheus was a heavily anticipated film among fans of the popular “Alien / Aliens” franchise. With so much riding on it’s shoulders to live up to expectations, there were definite mixed reviews. Some thought it failed to deliver the knockout punch needed to establish itself as an instant success, some thought it was a Ridley Scott sci-fi masterpiece to date that re-captured the essence of his original cult classic “Alien“.

In my mind, I have no doubts about Ridley Scott’s ability to engage with the audience, regardless of the result been negative or positive. I personally thought the movie was beautifully shot, the state of the art special effects were tremendous, along supported by a fantastic cast to tell a  space exploration story that left the audience with many topics of discussion.

If you haven’t seen the film and would like to find out more, please take a look at Chris Stuckmann’s review of Prometheus and decide for yourself, or perhaps this is a good opportunity to revisit and re-live the experience that is Prometheus.

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